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Facial Treatments

Kim's Place Offers an extensive range of high performance facials.Using only the best products such as dermalogica skin care to deliver results and satisfaction. As you know your face has many skin conditions E.g.dehydrated,sensitive,hormonal or premature ageing,adult acne,pigmentation,rosacea and skin types such as oily,dry or sensitive I'm able to treat all of those in the one facial using dermalogica.

Allow an extra 10 mins for your first facial so we can choose which facial is right for you. After your facial we'll discuss your home care so your skin can improve on a daily basis.

Each Facial Includes Skin consultation + infusion of serums or concentrates (vitamins A,E,C, organic herbs,plants and pure essential oils and the latest cosmecutical ingredient retinols,hyluronic acid,salicylic ,lactic, gylcolic acid)for healing, nourishing, anti ageing treatment + mask + eye + lip + protective moisturiser + SPF + organic vegan mineral make up.

All treatments reduce uneven skin tone and fine lines. Revealing a clearer younger healthy firmer skin.

Dermabrasion(add on) 10 mins $30

For extra removal of dead skin cells, polishing and making the skin smooth, and ready for effective peeling treatments.

Regeneration 45 mins $80

Double cleanse + AE 35 / multi vitamin peel + calming hydrating massage + masks + anti ageing serums + hydrating lotion + moisturiser + SPF protection.(no massage)

Skin Smoothing 75 mins $110

Double cleanse brush machine + AE 35 / multi vitamin peel + 5 mins blackhead extractions + anti ageing serums + 15 min face, neck, chest, shoulder massage + vitamin rich mask + hydrating lotion + moisturiser + SPF protection + lust mineral makeup.

Nurturing 60 mins $90

Double cleanse + steam + gentle exfoliation + massage face, neck and shoulders using essential oils using essential oils and beautiful creams and masks to hydrate, calm and nourish your skin + hydrating lotion + day cream with SPF protection.

Clear Skin 60 mins $90

Double cleanse, brush machine + steam + AHA / BHA peel + dermabrasion + anti bacterial ozone + 5 mins plus extractions + healing hi frequency or led blue light + healing herbal & pharmacutical ingredients + healing, calming masks + SPF oil free moisturiser.

Ultimate 90 mins $120

Double cleanse brush machine + steam + dermabrasion + extractions +AE 35/multi vitamin peel + essential oils, anti ageing serums infused with ultrasound + 20 min massage of face, neck and shoulders + Hydrating toner + moisturiser + SPF protection + mineral makeup.

Pro Power Peel 60 mins $105

For skin that needs extra exfoliation this is it!! Great results straight away. This treatment is designed to be a course of 4 treatments that achieve visible results either weekly or fortnightly. THE 4TH PEEL IS FREE.I would suggest is treatment for wrinkles, pigmentation, acne, scarring, thicken and sun damaged and dry skin. 

L.E.D NOW AVAILABLE 15 mins $20


Don't miss out on a truly relaxing treatment, your face holds a lot of tension a facial is really the only treatment that makes you truly look good and feel great ! Look at the Spa Packages or add a back or body massage